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Our company focus production on flat paintbrushes, ceiling brushes, brooms and brushes. Our best  paintbrushes are made of Chungking 90 %Top, for DIY market we use Chungking 60 % Tops or mixture of bristle and polyester fibres.

Our brooms are made of mostly unvarnished wooden body,  fillled by mixture of horsetail hair and PPN fibres,  courtyard brushes are made of PET filament.

HobbyProfibroom yard 62 cm plasticProfi
StandardHand broombroom 28 cm colourBroom 40 cm longAqua
Scrubbing brushUni - Lakstreet brushes 533 11 black PPN filamentHobby setBroom varnished 28 cm
AquaPraktikStandardbroom 24 cm + stick
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